Silent Knights, Inc.  Membership Application

Ames Municipal Airport, Ames, Iowa


Name: ________________________________    __________________________________    _______

            (last)                                           (first)                                                 (middle initial)


Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________________________



(City) __________________________________     (State) __________   (ZIP) _____________________



Email: ___________________________________



Tel: (home) __________________________ (office) _________________________



(mobile) _____________________________



Employer: ________________ Occupation: __________________________________



Emergency contact: _________________________________,       _________________________

                                (name)                                               (relationship)





Soaring Society of America membership #:__________________________________________

Membership in SSA is required before exercising flight privileges


FAA pilot license grade and # (if any) _______________________________________________


Biennial date: (for currently licensed pilots) _________________________________________


Physical grade & date: (optional for glider-only pilots) ______________________________


Membership applied for:


___ active ($500 and $25/mo. dues)


___ time-pay active ($100, $10/mo. and $25/mo. dues)


___ high-school, college student ($144, no dues first year)


___ associate ($5/year, no flight privileges; may serve as tow pilot)


___ family (free for children under 18 or spouses of active members)



I agree to help with club activities whenever I can because I understand that the Silent Knights glider club only functions with the participation of its members.  I also agree to waive any claims I may ever have against the Silent Knights, its officers, and members for any act of negligence.  I agree to pay my account in full each month and understand that flying privileges are suspended if an overdue balance exceeds $50, unless the Treasurer agrees.  I agree to read and comply with the club by-laws, the standard operation procedures, the Code of Federal Regulations as well as other applicable state and local laws.



_________________________________________________     __________________

Signature                                                                 Date


______________________________________    ___________________________________     ________________

Approved by                                          Club officer                                         Date


Please attach a check payable to Silent Knights, Inc. and either give to a club officer or mail to the treasurer:


Silent Knights, Inc.

Michael Burns

512 Colonial Circle

West Des Moines, IA 50265


Club Officers

Arne Nielsen, President .............. ‭(515) 639-4672‬

Paul McIlrath, V-P .............. (515) 202-8548‬

Michael Burns, Treasurer .............. (515) 229-3734

Kelley Farrar, Secretary .............. (515) 290-0159


Reimbursement Rates  (subject to change)


Current Prices

Schleicher K7: $8/flight         2-22: $5/flight             Tows: $1.60/100 feet



Silent Knights, Inc.  Resignation Request

I hearby request to terminate my membership in Silent Knights, Inc.  I understand that membership termination does not relieve me of responsibility for past-due payments and any other charges that may be due.


________________________________________________    ___________________

Signature                                                              Date



_____________________________________      _______________________________    ________________

Approved by                                           Club officer                                 Date