Instruction Free

Schweizer 2-22 $5 per flight

Schleicher K7 $8 per flight

Tows $1.60 per hundred feet
(example: $32 for 2000 foot tow)

Dues $25 per month for Active and TIme Pay members, no dues for students. (Click for details)

For nearly 40 years the Silent Knights have been coming together to fly, teach, and dream about soaring.  Currently the club has over 30 members, including Iowa State students, glider pilots, and longtime friends of the club.


The Club operates a 160HP Supercub as its tow plane, with club members as tow pilots. The club glider fleet consists of a two-place Schweizer 2-22 and a two-place Schleicher K7.  Club members own sailplanes such as the Schweizer 1-26, 1-34, and 1-35, Grob Twin Acro, Woodstock and Foka-4s.

For Members Only

For Tow Pilots


Club Bylaws

SuperCub Manual

Ka7 Manual.pdf

2-22 Operations Manual.pdf