Joining the Silent Knights

Club membership is open to pilots, non-pilots and family. Membership is required to fly any Silent Knights aircraft. The club is all-volunteer, and the expectation is that members will pitch in do what needs to be done to keep the club flying.


Membership Classes

Active (vested) Membership:  Full flying privileges, may vote & hold office $500 (75% refundable on resignation).  Monthly dues are $25.


Time-Pay: Full flying privileges, but may not vote or hold office.   $100 initiation fee, plus $10 monthly toward the $500 vesting amount.  Monthly dues are $25.


Student: Full flying privileges, but may not vote or hold office.  Student memberships are available only to full time secondary school and undergraduate students.   $144 to join & no monthly dues for one year.


Family: Full flying privileges, but may not vote or hold office. Family memberships are available to immediate family members of active members.  Except for spouses, this membership terminates at 23.


Honorary: Limited flight privileges.  No fee.  No monthly dues.


Associate: No glider flight or voting privileges. $5 per year.


All pilots must be members of the Soaring Society of America.  Membership is $75.00 per year, and includes the monthly "Soaring" magazine.  To join the Soaring Society of America click here.


Click for the Silent Knights membership form

Power Pilots–Looking For a Glider Rating?

Pilots with a single-engine land rating can get a glider rating with a checkout and 10 solo flights. Th ere’s no written test.

Earn Your Wings With Silent Knights

It takes dedication, but many people began their aviation careers in gliders.  Figure on many trips to the airport, lots of helping out on the ground, and 30-50 flights before your first solo.  A pilot’s license allows you to carry a passenger, and takes more flights, a written test, and a check ride.  It’s several thousand dollars on a pay-as-you-go basis, often over more than a year. You’ll be learning to fly the same way as Orville and Wilbur: gliders first.