Television weatherman (and ISU grad) Jason Parkin spent a glorious morning flying with Silent Knights.  His report for the KCWI Great Day Show was a standout.

There's nothing quite like the exhilaration of flying a sailplane into a strong thermal and circling up to the clouds. You have the freedom to soar as the eagles do, your sailplane's long wings silently slicing through the skies. Soaring gives pilots a sense of accomplishment as they seemingly defy gravity and stay aloft for hours in a graceful, quiet aircraft.

Come Fly With Us

The Silent Knights Glider Club was founded in 1971—but its roots go back to 1967 when Bob Nady returned from an extended work assignment in India. While there, Bob learned to soar with many British-taught enthusiasts.


Since those early days, the club has prided itself on making soaring as accessible as possible -- keeping dues and rental rates low. The Silent Knights also are dedicated to teaching the next generation to fly -- instruction is free, and probably always will be. The club can keep costs so low because of the continual efforts of members to pitch in -- from towing gliders, to teaching, to mowing the grass and performing light fix-it jobs.


The Club invites anyone who is interested in the sport of soaring to share our sky.  If you’re a power pilot, sailplane pilot, or someone who would like to find out if soaring is for you, please browse our site, come visit, and fly.